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Best Way To Steam Clean Your Carpets

by Jan 6, 20200 comments

Steam Clean your own Carpets?

Are Rug Doctor’s any good at cleaning carpet?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they need their carpets cleaned. I would like to provide you with some insight into the pros and cons of each option, so that you can make an educated decision on what is best for your family.

Water Suction

One important factor to consider is the type of water pressure used by these two cleaning methods. Rug Doctors use a low-pressure system which means more and dirt left behind after cleanings.
Professional carpet cleaners have higher suction systems for deeper cleaning action. The greater the suction the easier to lift the dirt from your carpets. Professional machines have greater than 3x the suction than a store-bought machine.

Water Temperaturedubuque carpet cleaning service

The second thing to look at when comparing these two options is how hot the water temperature is. Even if all other variables are equal, a rug doctor has much cooler water temperatures than what would typically be seen from professional carpet cleaner units.
Most frugal people are not going to heat buckets of water on the stove for 2 days straight to get the proper cleaning temperature to release tough dirt, grime, and critters living in your carpets.
Most professional cleaning services will use water twice as hot than a store rental.

What are the Costs of using a Rug Doctor or a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

The third consideration when comparing these two options is the cost. Professional carpet cleaners have much higher starting prices than what a Rug Doctor would, but if you’re looking for an affordable option at home, this may be it. Professional Carpet Cleaner on typical cost around $200-$500 depending on size of house and number of rooms to clean. The average price range is about $50-$100 per room for an average sized house.
This does not include other areas like upholstery or drapery which will require special equipment that’s not typically found with a grocery store pick-up cleaner.

Deep Dark Stains in Carpet

Heavy foot traffic can make carpets especially dirty. When considering whether to clean the carpet on your own, it’s really important to first think about what you are going to clean. Simple stains, light trafic, small area, you might want to think about a rental. Unfortunately, most people put cleaning their carpet off till the last second. Don’t waste your time and money on a simple cleaning if you plan on staying there for any length of time after. It’s a matter of health to at least clean your carpets once a year if your aren’t being strict about your hygiene. No shoes in the house!

Angie’s List members reported paying an average of about $51 per room in 2014 for professional carpet cleaning, while average rates for carpets cleaned by the size instead of the room ranged between 30 and 50 cents per square foot. It’s possible to rent a steam carpet cleaner for an average of $35 per day, plus cleaning solution.

In addition to cost, keep the following factors in mind before proceeding with a carpet steam cleaner rental.

How long do I need to rent a carpet steam cleaner?

Most people rent a carpet steamer for a day.

Consider how many rooms you’ll be cleaning to determine whether 24 hours is long enough, or whether you need a carpet cleaner rental for a longer period of time.

Check with the rental company to see whether they will give you a better daily rate for multi-day rental. Be generous with your projection for how long cleaning might take.

Do I need to buy carpet cleaning detergent?

Rental companies recommend that you use a specific type of cleaning solution with their steam cleaners. For example, a company might make one type of cleaning agent for upholstery and another one with a stronger concentration for carpets.

Verify in advance that you are using the right cleaning detergent. If you want more options, ask the rental company whether the machine is compatible with other detergent brands.

Is my carpet steam cleaner certified?

The Carpet and Rug Institute represents carpet manufacturers nationwide, and tests steam cleaners to determine whether they effectively clean carpets. If the steam cleaner passes the CRI testing procedure, it receives a bronze, silver or gold certification.

Before renting, make sure the steam cleaner is CRI-certified for a specific level of cleaning power and effectiveness.

How portable is the steam carpet cleaner?

Keep in mind the weight of the machine you plan to rent. Not only will you have to load and unload it into your vehicle when transporting it, but you’ll also have to push it around the house as you clean.

Don’t forget that the machine’s weight will increase as you add water and cleaning solution to the tank.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

If this is your first carpet cleaner rental, consider drying time can range from a couple of hours to more than 10 hours.

Drying time increases for carpets with heavy stains, which require more cleaning solution to clean. Make sure no one walks on them until they’re dry; otherwise, they will get dirty again rather easily.


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