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6 Reasons Why Vacuuming is Not A Replacement for Carpet Cleaning

by | Jun 30, 2020 | 0 comments

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Dirt Fighting Mean Machine

We believe that we can maintain our carpets all by ourselves, and we can just use a vacuum and dry out the stain and remove dirt every month, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. You might need to know that all carpet companies will tell you to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to clean and steam your carpet every year for the validation of your warranty.

Otherwise speaking, vacuuming, or steaming all by yourself is insufficient. Professional steaming is the only solution to preserve your carpet the most. Protecting your carpet means securing your family’s health.

These are some reasons why you need to look for a professional carpet cleaning near me or you rather than using a vacuum alone.

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Cleaner Longer Carpets – I promise!

For the Carpet to Last long

Using a vacuum might indeed prolong a carpet’s lifespan and can make the carpet fibers fluff. But Professional cleaning is much more of a help than vacuuming on your own. Cleaning thoroughly with expert’s help can boost those fibers up, making your carpet look brand new and guaranteed it will last long.

Maintain the Warranty

The manufacturer offers a warranty to your carpets, such as replacement if something is wrong and repairing it within the first few years. They want the carpet to be cleansed deeply every year to maintain your warranty. So be sure to read the fine print since there may be a condition that the carpet should be professionally cleaned.

Remove Stains and Spots

A vacuum can remove fiber dirt if you vacuum right away after spilling. But sad to say, a vacuum can’t lift any stains and/or old spots that modern professional hot water extraction cleaning can do. Whether it’s an old stain from dropped food or spilled wine, it’s just a piece of cake to experts who clean carpets….or should be. Carpet Pros can make your carpet brand new or like new.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Debris and built-up dust don’t last in the fiber of the carpet. Rather, it spreads allergens and bacteria by floating in the air all over the house. Vacuuming is no use to stop this, that’s why hiring a professional cleaning service is the only way to improve your home’s overall air quality and resolve this problem.

Reduce Allergens

Allergens are not just bacteria. You can get it from pet dander, pollen, and dust. These allergens can make someone with any bad allergies feel miserable and vacuum can’t get rid of them easily. The only solution to avoid this allergic reaction is to rent carpet cleaning services.

Eliminate Bacteria

Disinfecting your home frequently is necessary to have a safe and germ-free household. Spraying disinfectant such as Lysol on your carpet and vacuuming won’t do any better to eliminate bacteria. The only solution to get rid of harmful bacteria on your carpet that can make you sick is through the help of a carpet cleaning service.


The only way to keep your carpet clean, germ-free, and odor-free is to include the power of steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Vacuuming will never be enough to maintain your investment or your family’s health.

I’m Joe Spinoso, I started Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning at a very young age and have a plethora of experience and determination to make every job as good as the first. Give a call and we can give you an estimate. Save $100 if you want to piggy back with a neighbor and I’ll clean both your houses back to back!  Our “Good Neighbor” Deal can be found in our “Specials”. 

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